23 juillet, 2018

Replacing roadway in southern Alberta

In keeping with our goal to add more greenways to our network, we plan to replace a roadway with a non-motorized Trail section along an abandoned rail corridor in southern Alberta. This rail corridor is owned by our partners, Alberta TrailNet, and will be developed into a three-metre wide greenway between the Towns of Irricana and Beiseker. TCT will also support the development of bridges, fencing, and culverts to improve drainage, and bollards to prevent the entry of motorized vehicles on this section.

Once completed, this greenway will offer local communities an Trail section that is off the road and can be enjoyed in both summer and winter.

Location: Irricana, Alberta

Recommended uses: Walking/hiking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, horse and wagon

Approximate length: 7.2 kilometres

How this makes The Great Trail better: Roadway to greenway conversion