23 juillet, 2018

A new greenway on a historic Trail section

Built in 1876 and used by fur traders, missionaries, homesteaders and Klondike gold prospectors, the Athabasca Landing Trail was the first overland route between Edmonton and the southern route of the Athabasca River. Today, this 163-kilometre Trail section crosses valleys, open countryside and woodland.

However, parts of this historic route are still on roadway. In order to create a better Trail experience for locals and visitors, TCT will support the development of a greenway to access the Colinton Bridge. Gates and signs to prevent vehicles from getting on the Trail will also be installed.

Location: Athabasca County, Alberta

Recommended uses: Walking/hiking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, horse and wagon

Approximate length: 290 metres (creating a 16-kilometre greenway section on this 163-kilometre trail)

How this makes The Great Trail better: Roadway to greenway conversion